Welcome to Post Oak Pastures, our family owned and operated farm in Frankston, Texas! Through hard work and dedication, we are committed to being good stewards of our land and raising livestock in this beautiful, natural low-stress environment.  We believe by creating the perfect home for our animals, it enhances their quality of life while on our farm. In turn, this allows us to provide a natural, healthy, and great tasting product to our community.

Natural springs dot the landscape of our farm, fueling a diverse ecosystem of mixed grasses, legumes and forbs that feed our animals. This biodiversity allows us to provide both pasture raised, grass finished and grain finished options that are free of artificial hormones and antibiotics. Our customers take comfort in knowing exactly where the beef that feeds their families is born and raised, along with the conditions in which it lived.

We have begun transitioning our herd to a Japanese Wagyu/Black Angus cross, which is prized for both flavor and tenderness.  This beef cross is a staple product of many high-end restaurants across the country, and we feel that this will continue to enhance our product offering.

Finally, we invite you to experience our true “Farm to Table” Texas beef.  We extend the invitation to visit our farm to learn more about us and witness the genuine love and care we have for our animals. Thank you for partnering with Post Oak Pastures…enjoy your beef!