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Approximately 30 lbs of delicious Angus beef, ready for your meal prep. No artificial hormones or antibiotics are used in our beef. Pasture raised on our farm, processed in a USDA inspected facility, vacuum sealed and frozen, ready for your freezer.

Packaged in our new custom reusable insulated bags!

10 lbs ground beef

1-1.5 lb Skirt Steak and/or Flank Steak;

2 lbs Tenderized Cutlets

3-4- Sirloin Steak; 3-4 Bone-in Ribeye Steak; 3- 4 New York Strip Steak.  (Approximately 10 lbs total steak)

2- Shoulder and/or Chuck Roast (5-6 lb total)

1-Meaty Soup Bones

1-Stew Meat

1-Summer Sausage

1-Garlic Jerky