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You’ll receive approximately 100 lbs, or 1/4th of the processed steer. Cuts will include 50 lbs ground beef, the remaining approximately 50 lbs in tenderized cutlets, ribsteak, sirloin steak, strip steak, chuck , picanha or shoulder roast, liver, skirt , flank steak, marrow bones, (not included in weight),  stew meat, half brisket etc.  These are cuts we typically request, but it can occasionally vary.

Our steers are born and raised on or farm in Frankston, TX.  We do not use antibiotics or added hormones!  They’re on pasture their entire life, and have access to creeks, spring fed canal and abundant shade trees.  And during those especially hot summer days, we offer them cold well water.


Final price is determined once animal is processed and weight is known.   Deposit is based on 100 lbs @ $8.50lb.