Is it really May already? I’ve been waiting for this time of year to arrive, and here it is in all its beauty. Springtime brings new life around the farm. Trees and flowers bursting out with gorgeous colors, new calves running around the pastures playing with one another as their moms enjoy the new grass emerging. It’s a great time to live on the farm for all of us!

It’s also a very busy time for us as we’re also gearing up for an active Farmer’s Market season here in Frankston. It’s great to meet new customers and friends as the locals, and even those passing through town, stop to support local businesses. Two of our grandsons are also joining in the fun with their own booth of homemade goodness! We hope you’ll come visit and support local!

We’ll have a fresh supply of beef the first week of May. I’ll be adding some new items on the website as well, and hopefully, include some new recipes for you to enjoy. As you all are aware, prices on everything has risen, but we’re doing our best to keep our beef at an affordable price.

We use organic fertilizer on our pastures, and will also be adding a diverse cover crop which helps rebuild the soil, producing healthier, sustainable food for our cattle. Due to the very high cost of chemical fertilizer, producers who usually rely on it are turning to organic options which are causing a backlog on availability and deliveries. None of it is inexpensive or a quick fix, but once regenerative farming practices are established, well, it’s just better for everyone.

We purchased four new queen bees to add to our hives this year, which permitted us to divide current ones and expand to ten. Our honey crop last year was so delicious, so we’re anticipating what flavor this years’ will be. I see bees buzzing around my roses, hollies and the abundant clover scattered throughout the pastures. No doubt they’re enjoying the beautiful wildflowers too. We should be harvesting honey in June.

While we already have a lot on our plate, we decided to add a garden to the mix. There’s nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden, and the icing on the cake will be to include a hoop house over the entire area. Won’t it be nice to include these at the Farmer’s Market as well? Maybe next year.

If you’re looking for a custom package or simply have questions about our products or farm, drop us an email to [email protected]

Prayers lifted for you all to remain healthy and strong. Give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy, and for those who risk their lives for that cause. God bless the USA!

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