Wipe the slate clean, a new year is well under way! Every year we draft a plan for the farm. It contains a project list which ends up being continuous, and that’s ok, because it’s always something to improve the land for our livestock, or adding more bees to the farm. It’s never a dull moment, and we love it.

But most importantly, the plan contains any changes to our herd and beef offerings, as well as farmer’s markets and other avenues for selling our beef. This year, the majority of our beef will be Angus/Akaushi (red Wagyu), primarily 75% Akaushi. We had several this year, and the beef was delicious. We will continue pasture raising all, with the majority finished on a custom blend of feed, primarily cotton seed meal, molasses, peanut meal and a little bit of corn. Cattle remain on pasture with the feed added to their diet 90-100 days. We offer grass finished only, in the spring and early summer upon request.

All of our beef comes from steers or heifers born and raised on our farm. We do not vaccinate, add hormones or antibiotics. They spend their 24-30 month life on our farm, grazing our beautiful pastures and resting under the abundant trees along the creeks and ponds. We spend so much time with them daily, watching over and down-right spoiling them , and we are very proud of that fact. Calving season is almost complete and so far, we’ve only had to pull one; thought we had lost one during one of the torrential rains, but the mama must have hidden it in a very good place on higher ground because 5 of us spent hours searching. One final search for the day and we found the calf reunited with her mama. What a relief! My granddaughter named the calf Mary because a miracle had been received! If the calf had been a bull his name would have been Noah. Several beautiful calves are running the pastures now, such a fun sight to watch.

We participate in the Tyler Farmer’s Market, located on Old Bullard Rd near the mall. That market should begin May 18, and it’s a great market with several vendors. It’s open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We also participate in two REKO rings, one in Jacksonville, the other in Bullard. You have to be a member of the rings (on Facebook) to participate. If you’re not familiar with REKO, vendors post items that are available for purchase that week. You order and pay prior to meeting at the designated location . It’s a great alternative to a farmer’s market, and we encourage you to check it out. Search Jacksonville Reko Ring, or Bullard On-Line Farmer’s Market to get connected! Follow us on Facebook !

We plan to expand our bee hives this year and we are anxious to see what delicious flavor the bees bring to us this year. Last year it was clover, and the previous year was wildflower…so good. We sell out quickly each year, so we’re hoping our expansion offers more honey for you. The hot summer was not kind to the bees last year.

“The hens are finally beginning to produce again, so we will be including eggs in our weekly offerings once again. We have 24 new layers this year that include some” Easter Eggers” , beautiful colored eggs!

If you’re looking for a custom package or simply have questions about our products or farm, drop us an email to [email protected] We’ve updated our shipping and delivery options due to high shipping costs. We presently DO NOT SHIP, however, we offer free local delivery within 30 miles of Frankston for orders $100 minimum. With customers in the Nacogdoches, Austin and Conroe area, we typically deliver in those areas every couple of months. We welcome you to the farm as well, just notify us to set up a time so we can meet you at the gate. We have cattle that are frequently grazing around the entrance.


Prayers lifted for you all to remain healthy and strong. Give thanks for the freedom we enjoy, and for those who risk their lives for our freedom. God bless the USA!

Sharon & Mike

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