The new year is off to a great start, and we’re enjoying the mild winter weather encountered so far. Winter grasses were growing well until the hard freeze hit, causing the tops to freeze, but they’re recovering well and the cattle are enjoying the green grass and legumes. It’s almost time for calving season to begin!

We’ll begin moving the steers that we’ll process this year, back to the home place in January. This is where they’ll remain on grass and also have a custom grain blend added to their diet for a minimum 90 days. The majority of these steers is a blend of Angus & Akaushi (Wagyu). It has taken almost 3 years to reach this level! We’re very pleased with the beef from this combination, and our customers agree, it’s delicious!

Projects continue on the farm, and the new pond is already full. What was formerly a swamp, is now a beautiful spring-fed pond for our cattle to enjoy. That project has taken a few months of work, but we should be ready to tackle the real big issue, removing dead trees and trimming others up so grass can grow. Ugh, not looking forward to dragging branches, but the result will be so nice. On the bright side, it’s a great workout!

We’ll participate in the Frankston Farmers Market again this year! We enjoyed meeting so many locals who are eager to support locally produced food. The majority of the markets will be held at Tractor Supply in Frankston. It was a great location the few times we met there last year. Follow us on Facebook and we’ll post when we’ll attend, and what products we will have. Market begins in April!

We usually offer packages on our website, however, for a limited time, we’ve included individual cuts so one can build their own package. Individual cuts are always available at the Farmers Market. The next available processing date is April, and won’t be available until late May. We book our dates almost a year in advance too!

Speaking of processing, it comes as no surprise, they’ve raised their fees. We used to have our ground beef cryovac packaged, but the price to do so has increased by 50 cents/lb and we just don’t want to raise the price of the ground beef. Future packaging will be the chubs, which is still good, the only downside is they tend to leak as they thaw so you’ll want to have them contained. All other cuts will be cryovac sealed.

We vaccinated and gathered DNA samples of the calves last November. As I’ve mentioned in previous communications, we’ve been working for the past two years transitioning our herd to Angus/Wagyu, registered Wagyu and registered Angus. Lots of beautiful babies on the farm right now. Presently, we have two young registered Angus bulls ready for new homes. In the spring, we’ll have one more registered Angus, and one registered Akaushi Wagyu bull ready for new homes. All of our beef is born and raised on our farm, so rest assured you know exactly where your beef comes from and how it’s raised.

We’ve sold out of honey for the year. Our next harvest will be next June/July, and we’re praying to have a better year for the bees. We lost a few hives this year but will rebuild next spring. I love gardening, especially flowering plants, and I rarely saw a bee in the yard this year. Their food supply was right here all along and they didn’t take advantage. The limited honey we harvested was delicious.

If you’re looking for a custom package or simply have questions about our products or farm, drop us an email to [email protected] We’ve updated our shipping and delivery options due to high shipping costs. We presently don’t ship, however, we offer free local delivery within 30 miles of Frankston for orders $100 minimum. With customers in the Nacogdoches, Austin and Conroe area, we typically deliver in those areas every couple of months. We welcome you to the farm as well, just notify us to set up a time so we can meet you at the gate. We have cattle that are frequently grazing around the entrance.

Prayers lifted for you all to remain healthy and strong. Give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy, and for those who risk their lives for that cause. God bless the USA!

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