We’ve had a busy but wonderful summer on the farm. It was hot and dry the majority of the summer but thankfully, our cattle had plenty of green grass, shade and fresh water to enjoy. We are very thankful for the rain received recently.

We’ve enjoyed participating in the Frankston Farmers Market this year. The market will continue each Saturday, 9-1, until mid-December. We sell individual cuts at the market, and we accept orders for packages listed on our website. We do accept backorders on several items on the website, so if we are presently out of stock, those orders will be filled first once stock is received. We are scheduled monthly for processing steers. We love our USDA inspected processor, and they are definitely feeling the pressure to keep up with demand. Last year they processed 40 head a day. This year they can only process 10 per day due to lack of employees! It appears to be a common theme these days.

If you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen the birth announcement of our first full-blood Akaushi born on the farm. She’s adorable! We witnessed her birth just shortly after midnight July 7 under a beautiful sky. A large shooting star streaked across the sky prior to her birth, so we named her Ryuusei, which means shooting star in Japanese. We’ve had several Akaushi/Angus cross calves born this year. Most are at least 75% Akaushi. Heifers will become our breeding stock and the steers will become our future beef. They’ll enjoy a wonderful life on the farm.

Fall is going to be as busy as ever, but we love it! The calves are healthy and growing, and it won’t be too long before it’s weaning time. We will also be planting some new winter crops, adding ones that will improve the soil naturally while also providing nutritional grazing for our herd. It’s amazing how the pastures have changed over the past two years, what an improvement. It was too hot over the summer to work on cleaning up dead trees and debris, but Fall is a great time for bonfires, right?

We had a disappointing harvest yield of honey this year. With 10 active hives, we certainly had hoped for more than the 5 gallons we harvested. The dry summer was certainly to blame. The honey is delicious and we are grateful for what we have!

If you’re looking for a custom package or simply have questions about our products or farm, drop us an email to [email protected] We’ve updated our shipping and delivery options due to high shipping costs. We presently don’t ship, however, we offer free local delivery within 30 miles of Frankston for orders $100 minimum. With customers in the Austin and Conroe area, we typically deliver in those areas every couple of months. We welcome you to the farm as well, just notify us to set up a time so we can meet you at the gate. We have cattle that are frequently around the entrance grazing.

Prayers lifted for you all to remain healthy and strong. Give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy, and for those who risk their lives for that cause. God bless the USA!

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