Wow! “Cold” is an understatement to describe the weather in February. We received approximately 6.5″ of snow at the farm. The only ones thrilled with it were our grandsons! We fed extra bales of hay and high-fat cubes, and provided bedding from old bales stacked outside the barn. Hauling water and breaking ice a few times a day kept us busy. But we survived without having to deal with newborn calves too, and for that, we are grateful.

Speaking of newborn calves, we expect to have new babies any time now. It’s always an exciting but anxious time as we monitor our cows for birthing difficulties and predators awaiting the easy target of a newborn. We are very protective of our herd.

We are presently out of stock of beef. However, our wonderful processor was able to squeeze us in this month! We dry-age our beef a minimum 21 days, so we should have variety packages and other cuts available mid-March. We are not accepting backorders , but if you’re interested in a package, email [email protected] and let us know you’d like to be included on the growing list of customers who would like to order. We will email you once they’re available and you’ll have an opportunity to order at that time.

Spring can’t arrive soon enough for us. Watching the livestock roam the farm grazing fresh grass and legumes with the sun shining brightly in the blue Texas sky is something to behold. We are grateful for this life of responsibly managing this land and providing you with a local source of great pasture raised beef. Know where and how your beef is raised!

Thank you for supporting our small family farm as we continue to grow. God bless us all during this new year.

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