Summer is my favorite season, but I have to admit, the cooler evening and morning temperatures of the Fall season have been enjoyable. Especially when it’s time to vaccinate and wean cattle.

This year we divided the herd into two, with the Angus on one side of the fence, and the Wagyu/Akaushi on the other. Catdaddy is the bull on the Angus side, and that dude produces some great calves. He’s a registered Angus, with great bloodlines and a gentle disposition. We also have some registered Angus cows, so their offspring become replacement heifers for our herd, or bulls that we will sell.

Mr Miyagi is our new registered Akaushi bull, so next years offspring will be his first. We have one registered Akaushi heifer, and we’re anxious to see what she delivers; bull or heifer? We also have some Wagyu/Akaushi cross cows who were bred to the Angus last year, producing some absolutely delicious beef. But this year, we bred them to the Akaushi bull and though it takes much longer to raise them to a good finish weight, we believe our customers will love it. Either cross is some very fine beef!

It does take time to develop the quality of beef we know our customers desire, especially when everything we sell is born and raised on our farm. This year we strived to meet the demand and next year we hope to double our production as more of these calves reach optimal weight.

Another feature of the farm is our bees. Bees are very important for agriculture, and we will continue to do our part to support their survival. We presently have 6 hives and we will likely grow that to 10 next year. Due to the harsh winter last year, we did not have as much honey produced as we had hoped, but what we have is my favorite wildflower sweet and delicious. Grab you a jar while supply lasts!

Beef packages will be back from the processor in December. Stock up now as our next packages won’t be available until some time in February! If you’re looking for a custom package, please email us and we’ll do our best to fill your request. Contact us at [email protected]

Prayers lifted for you all to remain healthy and strong. Give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy, and for those who risk their lives for that cause. God bless the USA!

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